Not all Rechargeable Batteries are Alike

While soldier-carry wearable devices have their own batteries, a centralized power source (usually a Lithium ION battery) is carried to recharge those devices. And, of course, these batteries must be either replaced as they lose charge or recharged by an external power source—the preferred scenario to keep both individual and platoon burdens lower. In this […]

Why Open Architecture Redefines Tactical Systems

The modern soldier is fully equipped with advanced weaponry and communications systems (weapons with sensors, night vision, navigation systems, smart phones and more) all of which require power and must be able to communicate with each other. The data sharing required between just one soldier’s devices has created the concept of a personal area network […]

Using a VPN To Secure Critical Data

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), when used properly, are a great tool for managing data and network access and, thus, reducing data security risks. VPNs are extremely useful for three key reasons: • “Spoofing” a location so that ISPs don’t track your location and browsing history • Limiting cybercriminal exposure by encrypting your traffic–even on public Wi-Fi networks […]

Evolving Embedded Ethernet Switching to Support More Devices and Applications

Embedded Ethernet switches have become a staple in military, industrial and automotive applications. For any of these applications, space, performance and reliability have always been key evaluation factors. Typically, embedded Ethernet switches come equipped with 4, 8, 14 and even up to 24 ports on a compact form factor—usually smaller than 4 inches by 4 […]

IEEE 1588: Synchronizing Battlefield Communication

Ethernet is considered (for the most part) a non-deterministic networking scheme, using “best effort” and requiring handshakes and confirmation. While this makes it inherently reliable, it also makes Ethernet natively unsuitable for time-sensitive applications — such as voice/video over IP, Robotic (Motion) Control, Industrial Automation, etc. — that require real-time communication or time synchronization. The […]

Techaya Introduces MILTECH 404 and 410

In addition to guns, ammunition, ruck sacs and more, the modern US soldier must now carry electronics– from night vision to radios, and now programs such as Nett Warrior add smartphones, tablets, and GPS to this load. And just like the bullets for a soldier’s gun, a soldier’s electronics need ammo in the form of […]