Techaya MILTECH Joins Forces with Milpower Source

We have some exciting news to share with all our customers. After years of delivering innovative networking solutions to the military and aerospace markets, Techaya has combined operations with Milpower Source to provide integrated SWaP-centric power conversion, power management, and networking solutions for military and aerospace customers. This agreement will allow for more localized design, […]

Making 10 Gb Ethernet Cost-effective in Mobile Military Environments

10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) has been the standard in data centers, enterprises, and service providers for years, and 10 GbE over fiber has become the normal physical medium to deliver these speeds in “sterile environments.” Now, however, applications such as video, LiDAR and sensors are driving the need to deploy 10 Gb Ethernet data speeds […]

Ethernet and SMBus combine to deliver data and power management on a single platform

Because customers need to simplify and economize on space, many networking companies are being asked to move beyond traditional networks and look at ways to combine networking and power management. You’ve got devices that need to share data, but they also need to be powered. If you are looking at a mobile military platform, Power […]

Timing is everything when mobilizing an Ethernet network

Today we are going to discuss timing and synchronization of devices on an Ethernet network. Synchronization of packet cadence is necessary for time-sensitive applications work like they’re supposed to. Ethernet is considered (for the most part) a non-deterministic networking scheme, using “best effort” and requiring handshakes and confirmation. While this makes it inherently reliable, it […]